Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Revisional Bariatric Surgery
The outcome of bariatric surgery is generally quite good; however, not all surgeries produce the results that a patient originally anticipated. This experience is common with the more outdated operations, such as “stomach stapling” (VBG), which is no longer widely used by surgeons. For patients who have had bariatric surgery performed in the past and are unhappy with the results, revisional surgery may be an option. Revisional bariatric surgery is a major operation which can be significantly more difficult than the original surgery. This type of surgery is performed to alter or repair a poorly designed earlier operation. The most common reasons for revisional surgery are medical complications, excessive weight gain since the initial operation and increase the rate of weight loss.

To be considered for revisional bariatric surgery you must have:

  • Regained a substantial amount of the original weight back.
  • Experienced poor weight loss in general.
  • Complications resulting from the original operation, such as:
    • Staple line compromised (As with VBG or Roux-en-Y) | Stomach band has dilated over time or has broken (as with VBG).
    • Persistent vomiting (as with VBG or Roux-en-Y) | Ulcers (as with Roux-en-Y) | Slipped band (as with Lap Band).

Because revisional bariatric surgery can be a complex operation, it needs to be carefully thought out due to the heightened risks involved. Regardless of the risks, however, revisional surgery can still be a beneficial operation for those individuals who face greater health hazards as a result of their morbid obesity. Our bariatric team will discuss in detail any concerns you might have and help you make the most informed treatment decision possible.

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