Attend A Free New Jersey Bariatric Surgery Seminar

If you are interested in learning more about Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery, please consider attending one of our bariatric surgery seminars. Our free seminars are very informative sessions that include the attendance of our New Jersey bariatric weight loss surgeon and members of our bariatric surgery support staff who will be available to provide you with information regarding revisional bariatric surgery, revisional weight loss surgery, and nonsurgical weight loss options. Other options discussed include counseling, nutrition, exercise and other weight loss surgery topics of interest to the audience. You will also be able to speak with current patients and get some insight into their experiences with Bariatric Surgery.

After the seminar, you will have an opportunity to schedule a consultation with Dr. Naveen Ballem, who will review your personal medical history and help to create a plan that meets your specific requirements.


***Although all seminars are free, space is limited- so please reserve your seat…

Seminar Schedule:

Clara Maass Medical Center

Please call (800) 633-8446 to Register
1 Clara Maass Drive Belleville, NJ 07109

2018: First Monday of every month – 6pm to 7pm:

  • January: 8th
  • February: 5th
  • March: 5th
  • April: 9th
  • May: 7th
  • June: 4th
  • July: 2nd
  • Aug: 6th
  • Sept: 10th
  • Oct: 1st
  • Nov: 5th
  • Dec: 3rd

Hunterdon Health & Wellness Centre

Please call (800) 633-8446 to Register
Clinton Campus, 1738 Route 31 North Clinton, NJ 08809

2018: Second Wednesday of every month – 6pm to 7pm:

  • February: 14th
  • March: 14th
  • April: 11th
  • May: 9th
  • June: 13th
  • July: 11th
  • Aug: 8th
  • Sept: 12th
  • Oct: 10th
  • Nov: 14th

Hunterdon Healthcare and Atlantic Health System

Please call (800) 633-8446 to Register
1121 Route 22 West in Bridgewater, NJ 08807

2018: First Wednesday of every month – 6pm to 7pm:

  • February: 27th
  • March: 27th
  • April: 24th
  • May: 22nd
  • June: 26th
  • July: 24th
  • Aug: 28th
  • Sept: 25th
  • Oct: 23rd
  • Nov: 27th

St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital

Please call (800) 633-8446 to Register
224 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ 07470

2018: First Tuesday of every month – 6pm to 7pm:

  • January: 3rd
  • February: 7th
  • March: 7th
  • April: 4th
  • May: 2nd
  • June: 6th
  • July: 4th
  • Aug: 1st
  • Sept: 5th
  • Oct: 3rd
  • Nov: 7th
  • Dec: 5th

Jersey City medical Center

Please call (800) 633-8446 to Register
377 Jersey Avenue | Ste 220 | Jersey City | NJ | 07302

2017/18: 2nd wednesday of the month – 6pm to 7pm:

  • July: 12th
  • Aug : 9th
  • Sept: 13th – NOT AVAILABLE
  • Oct: 11th
  • Nov: 8th
  • Dec: 13th – NOT AVAILABLE
  • January: 10th
  • Feb: 14th
  • March: 14th – NOT AVAILABLE
  • Apr: 11th
  • May: 9th
  • June: 13th

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